Booking Conditions

1. Cancellations and Refunds

1.1. If you need to cancel more than 30 days prior to the scheduled pick-up time, we will refund the full prepaid amount. If you cancel the booking less than 30 days before the scheduled pick-up time, the applicable cancellation or no-show fees will apply.
1.2. If you cancel your reservation within 30 to 15 days prior to the scheduled pick-up time the 30% deposit will not be refunded, nevertheless the final remaining amount will not be charged.
1.3. If you cancel your reservation within 15 days prior to the scheduled pick-up time 100% of the reservation will be charged to your credit card.

2. Payment

2.1. At reservation you will be charged 30% of the rental reserved inclusive of fees and taxes, when you confirm the booking. The method of pre-payment toward your rental may not be changed after confirmation. In the event your charge card is declined, you will not receive a rental confirmation, we will charge the final amount 7 days before the rental date.

2.2. At the time of rental prevailing exchange rates will apply.
2.3. While a charge card is an acceptable form of rental prepayment online, it will not be accepted for the credit hold required when you pick up your camper.
2.4. The card presented at pick-up will be the card of record for the rental.
2.5. We’ll require a credit card hold for any possible damages to the Vehicle, according to the Insurance Plan selected. A prepaid charge card is not accepted for this required hold.
2.6. Upon returning the vehicle, 44 Campers will process a release of the unused portion of the hold subject to your bank’s procedure. This hold may take up to two weeks to be released by your bank.

3. Vehicle

3.1. We have 2 models of Campers, Suzuki Jimny and Land Rover Defender, if the car is not available for mechanical or other reasons not available for any problem, 44 Campers reserves the right to provide you with another solution to enjoy your vacations in Madeira.

4. Documents / Driver´s License / Minimum Age

4.1. At the time of pick up, the driver must present a valid driver’s license and credit card in the driver’s name.
4.2. The customer must have a valid license to drive in Europe and should be older than 18 years old. If the driver is younger than 25 years old, Premium insurance is required and a minimum of 3 years of driving experience.

5. Rental Duration

5.1. Vehicles are rented on a full-day basis. The pick-up and drop-off days are considered rental days.
5.2. Late Pickups or Earlier Drop-offs that are the customer´s responsibility do not entitle the customer to any refund of the unused portion of the rental.
5.3. 44 Campers operates 7 Days per week, from 9:00 to 20h, all year.
Any availability outside these hours incurs an additional cost.
5.4. Your total rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at the time of reservation, the customer can request for changes until the pick-up time.
5.5. Your quoted rental rate is based on the exact parameters (Vehicle, locations, dates and times, options, etc.) of your particular rental. Changing your confirmed reservation parameters could result in different rates.

6. Vehicle Damage / Insurance Plans

6.1. The vehicle is insured against third-party vehicles and property damage;
6.2. The customer will have to pay a liability in respect of any damage incurred while in possession of the vehicle. The liability may be reduced by hiring one Insurance plan.
6.3. If the RED Insurance is taken, the customer is responsible for a maximum liability of 2000€, to cover the costs of any possible damages. 44 Campers has the right to block part or the full amount of this value on the credit card associated with the client.
6.4. If the GREEN Insurance plan is hired, the customer is responsible for a maximum deposit of 600€, to cover the costs of any possible damages. This Insurance includes a windscreen cover, for accidental damage. 44 Campers has the right to block part or the full amount of this value on the credit card associated with the rental.
6.5. If the customer breaches any of the conditions of the clauses in the rental agreement, the insurance coverage will be voided, and the customer will be responsible for the total cost of all damages.

7. Booking Confirmation

7.1. When Booking and paying the initial deposit by PayPal or other payment methods, the customer automatically agrees with 44Campers, Terms and Conditions.

8. Administration Fee For Fines and Fees

8.1. If the renter has a traffic/parking fine during the rental the renter will be charged an Administration Fee of 50.00 EUR together with the first settlement proposition. The renter is liable for payment of all traffic/parking fines occurring during the rental.

9. Vehicle Cleaning

9.1.The vehicle must return in acceptable clean conditions. For vehicles that are not returned in acceptable clean conditions (i.e. extra cleaning time/means are needed to clean the car for the next rental), 50.00 EUR will be charged. In case the car requires a special cleaning.

Last Update: 23, March, 2024.

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