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4×4 Overland Campers or Private Tours

44 Campers creates itineraries to make your road trip as fun as possible. Collect your rental and let the adventure begin, there are so many things to see!

**Seasonal Prices

- Low Season: January, February, March and November;
- High Season: April, May, June, July, August, September, October and December.

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Why rent an Overland Camper with 44 Campers?

We are not a multinational company offering only car rentals.

44 Campers remains a family business where human values ​​are a priority and quality an obligation.

We want you to remember us and this incredible experience.


We give you the best of ourselves and adapt the service to your needs.

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Adventure awaits with 44 Campers

Go wild around Madeira Island with Our 4WD Overland Campers Madeira 4x4 Overland camper rentals with rooftop tents.